York Intensive Family Services

Intensive Family Services teams help prevent out-of-home placements for children or youth at risk of abuse or neglect. If a child is already in foster placement, we can help the family bring the child home as soon as possible. The team provides supervised visitations, and helps adults practice parenting techniques, learn coping skills and confront family difficulties. Team members typically include a family therapist, a family advocate and a life skills instructor.

Services include:

  • Teaching and modeling healthy parenting skills
  • Helping adult family members find employment
  • Discussing nonviolent ways to resolve conflicts
  • Guiding families in housing searches
  • Counseling to address anger management
  • Engaging all household members in family therapy
  • Teaching family communication skills
  • Helping with money management
  • Educating family members about domestic violence
  • Training families to maintain a safe and clean living environment
  • Providing individual therapy for family members
  • Offering information about the effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Conducting evaluations after the conclusion of services

What is the cost?

Intensive family services are offered at no cost to the client.

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Catholic Charities Intensive Family Services (CCIFS) has been a great asset to the needs of those in York County Dependency Court. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), I have witnessed first-hand the extensive life-changing help, instruction, and coaching that is poured into the lives of willing participants. Most effective is the human connection. Dependency Court parents have the honor of the opportunity to work with and be directed by someone who truly cares about them, their child, and York County’s community as a whole.
The goals that some parents need to fulfill in order to get their life in a place where they are able to parent can seem to be a huge endeavor to them. The Team always responds in a manner of solving the issue with the goal of family reunification.
The word, “serve” is the best explanation of how the workers of CCIFS operate. Each position from the advocate, therapist, and the director give themselves personally to help each case succeed. Such things as phone calls at all hours, car rides, reminders, sudden schedule changes, and even serving as transportation of the child are common to IFS workers.
This is my 8th year as a CASA and I have participated with CCIFS on several cases. I would easily recommend one of their teams be assigned to any of the parents of the children that I advocate for. I look forward to many more continued successful family reunifications.

- Cindy Jensen
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