Substance Abuse Services

For Women In Recovery

Evergreen House provides a safe, secure, nurturing environment for women recovering from addiction. Clients are referred by county drug and alcohol agencies throughout our region. This residential program helps clients achieve long-term recovery, find stable housing and learn job skills. The staff provides individual treatment, group therapy, family therapy and education. Other services include:

  • Referrals to mental health and vocational rehabilitation services
  • Transportation to 12-step meetings and other social service appointments
  • Family visits designed to create positive support networks

Length of Program 

Treatment lasts an average of 90 days. Length of stay depends on client need, individual progress and generally accepted treatment standards. 

Admission Criteria

  • Female, age 18 or older, able to understand English
  • Willingness to complete the treatment program
  • Motivation to maintain drug or alcohol abstinence and recovery
  • Absence of severe medical or emotional conditions that would prevent successful completion of the program
  • No long-term use of anti-psychotic medications or history of tardive dyskinesia (a muscular side effect of anti-psychotic drugs)
  • No chronic history of violent crime
  • DMS-IVTR diagnosis of chemical abuse/dependency by a licensed physician
  • Meets PCPC criteria for in-patient treatment


Referrals for Evergreen House can be made by calling the office at 717-412-4594.

Safe and Supportive Home for Women

Willow Way in Harrisburg is the latest addition of services designed to cater to women in recovery. It is owned and operated by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Residents will either have a single room or share a bedroom, most equipped with their own bathrooms.

The home does not provide formal or professional counseling, but offer in-house staff support to help connect residents to these kinds of services and other community resources, manage daily operations, reinforce accountability, and support family living.

Willow Way is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood within walking distance to commercial areas and public transportation, which is ideal for employment, shopping, and getting to support meetings.

Individuals interested in applying for acceptance must complete an application which can be found by clicking the link below.  Completed applications can be faxed to Program Director, at 717-972-0925.

Application – Willow Way


Due to the consequences of my addiction, I was incarcerated and forlorn in the beginning of 2016. The courts mandated drug and alcohol treatment after my release from prison, which brought me to Evergreen House. When I first arrived at Evergreen House, my life felt hopeless. I was broken, I couldn’t see my children, and I had severe depression. I had made my life into such a gigantic mess, and I believed there was no way I could climb out of the hole I had dug.
At Evergreen House, I was taught how to commit to support meetings, gain a sponsor, and build meaningful, supportive relationships. I received much-needed counseling and learned the importance of developing a support system to maintain my sobriety. The program at Evergreen House also taught me how to be responsible and how to better manage my time, life, and work. I’ve learned to focus on long-term growth while managing my addiction one day at a time. Through the program, I was able to restore my faith and reestablish my relationship with God. In addition, Evergreen House helped me to secure a social security card and state-issued identification, obtain medical and vision care, and locate stable housing. Most importantly, Evergreen House helped me to be a mother again for my beautiful daughters.
Without question, Evergreen House saved my life. Evergreen House gave my daughters back their mother and gave my parents a daughter they can be proud of, and I am beyond thankful. I believe if programs like Evergreen House did not exist, addicts wouldn’t stand a chance at recovery. Women need hope that the cycle of addiction can be broken and that we can regain our identities and build the strength to move forward.

- -Tessa
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