Refugee Resettlement

When refugees arrive in the United States, they feel a huge sense of relief. Persecution and oppression are gone. But now they face a new set of challenges: starting over in an unknown country, learning a foreign language, understanding a new culture and becoming self-sufficient. Everything around them is brand new.

Catholic Charities welcomes refugees at the airport, provides shelter, meets basic needs and connects them with other refugees in the community.

This year, Catholic Charities will resettle more than 200 refugees in Central Pennsylvania. The program helps them find jobs and achieve self-sufficiency in 4-6 months, eliminating the need for government assistance.

Resettlement Services

  • Pre-arrival arrangements
  • Basic needs
  • Airport reception
  • Housing placement
  • Community referrals
  • Job placement
  • English classes
  • Acculturation to the United States
  • Connection with refugee communities

Welcome Kits

When client families arrive, our office provides them with a Welcome Kit to give them some of the comforts of home.  These welcome kits contain some basic essentials that people use everyday.  The kits are also an easy way for individual or group to be involved with our program by collecting these items for our families.

Click the link below to see the types of items we need for our Welcome Kits.


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Abdi has become a shining example of the success and self-sufficiency possible with refugee families coming to the Harrisburg area. His first week in Harrisburg, seemed like any other refugee’s; finding his bearings in their new home and neighborhood. It became quite apparent to him that public transit was his and his family’s access to a Harrisburg community. After his successful solo trip, Abdi started taking his entire family on bus trips to the grocery store or other shops.

It is Somali custom to try and help each other when possible. Abdi would eagerly ask when and where a new Somali family was arriving, and when they did arrive he would greet and accompany them on their first shopping experience. Following his successful bus adventures, he happily showed other families how to properly use public transit. If there was ever a need for interpretation, Abdi volunteered. In Mechanicsburg, he became acquainted with the local Imam, or religious leader, and built friendships spanning the two cities; and because of this, his family was able to follow their religion’s custom of Friday prayer.

As his oldest child enrolled and attended kindergarten. Abdi himself started work while his wife watched their younger children. Abdi accepted a position with AMES True Temper. Abdi understood work was the key to self-sufficiency, to accomplish his goals, and a good life for his family. To say that he performed his duties is an understatement; in fact, AMES True Temper was so impressed that they asked Catholic Charities if they knew anyone else like Abdi who they could employ.
Goals Abdi and his family was able to accomplish included: The family had a goal to buy a car; they accomplished just that. The family had a goal to move to Mechanicsburg; they accomplished just that. The family had a goal to have both parents working; they accomplished just that. Now the family has a goal to provide for their soon to be newest member of the family; and they will accomplish just that.

- M. Lukic
Council on Accrediation Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations United Way

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