Immigration & Refugee Services

Immigration & Refugee Services

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The United States remains a beacon of hope to thousands of refugees fleeing oppression around the world. They live in crowded, unsanitary refugee camps for years as they wait for permission to come to America.

Catholic Charities works with state and federal governments to resettle many of these refugees, helping them adjust to new lives and newfound freedom. We teach individuals with limited English to become economically and socially self-sufficient in their new homeland.

Costs & Eligibility 

All Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Services are offered at no cost to the client. Eligibility is determined by a contract between Catholic Charities and the state or federal government. Each applicant’s situation is evaluated individually.


Suraj, a Bhutanese national with Refugee status, was resettled in the United States after spending eighteen years of his life in a refugee camp in Nepal. He fled from Bhutan in the early 1990s and experienced hardships such as lack of food, clothes and shelter. Through all he endured he was able to completed high school in Nepal. In March of 2013, Suraj and his family of four were resettled by Catholic Charities in Harrisburg. Suraj enrolled in Catholic Charities Employment Services program to develop the skills necessary to obtain better job opportunities.

Suraj was working part time when he first enrolled in the program. He accepted a job as a sales associate with a goal of becoming a supervisor and eventually a senior management position. In order to achieve his goal Suraj registered for the Basic Computer training class offered by Catholic Charities Employment Services. With his determination and good work ethics, Suraj was able to successfully complete the basic computer training class. Suraj enhanced his computer skills and was able to apply to online jobs. As a result of his training, Suraj was upgraded from part-time to full time employment.

Suraj is very optimistic about the future and the endless possibilities. Suraj is determined to succeed and see himself as the only one who can deter him from his goals. Suraj will continue towards his goal of becoming a manager and providing a bright future for his family.

- S. Jovic
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