Family, Marriage & Individual Counseling

Everyone, at some point in their life, experiences what seem to be overwhelming difficulties. It’s often a result of a troubled relationship with your spouse, child or a significant person in your life. In many cases, a skilled therapist can help you find a solution to complex personal issues.

Catholic Charities provides confidential professional counseling to individuals, couples and families.  Services are provided regardless of religious affiliation, race or ability to pay.

Family Counseling

What if your daughter, once very cooperative, becomes rebellious and despondent? Or your son starts throwing tantrums and refuses to go to school? By including the entire family in counseling sessions, a skilled family therapist can help identify and strengthen positive behaviors that benefit everyone.

Marriage Counseling

Two-career families, tight schedules and the demands of children are just a few of the challenges faced by couples today. Strains on a marriage can generate powerful emotions. An unbiased, third-party mediator can help couples sort out and untangle their actions, emotions and motivations.

Individual Counseling

Depression and anxiety brought about by loss, such as separation or divorce, are all too familiar. Issues facing singles – and the newly single – include career choices, task overload, relationships and problem pregnancies.


The long lasting effects of childhood trauma had been significantly weighing on Pat. At the age of 45, Pat regularly experienced severe anxiety episodes, had difficulty getting out of bed, and felt a crushing responsibility for everything that went wrong around her. Exhausted from a constant state of hyper-vigilance, she believed that predators lurked around every corner. Unbeknownst to Pat, she was suffering the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
After decades of suffering, Pat sought help through Catholic Charities Counseling Services. She wanted to live a happier life and to be a better partner for her husband and role model for her daughters. Through therapy, Pat realized that witnessing the sexual assault of her sister at a young age had significantly impacted her mental health. Pat uncovered the underlying guilt she felt over her sister’s death by suicide as a teenager. Her mother’s untreated mental disorders, she learned, had also compounded her mental health struggles.
Once Pat better understood the impacts of her past, she began building a “tool kit” of coping strategies. With the help of her therapist, Pat has learned to challenge negative thoughts, use visualization to break up harmful thought patterns, and control intrusive ideas. Counseling has enabled Pat to gain powerful insights into her mental health and to develop strategies to help overcome her anxiety. Pat now uses inspirational quotes and meditation as some of her primary methods for self-calming, and her dedication to treatment has helped her to meet and exceed her goals. Now that she is actively managing her mental health, Pat is getting out more often, socializing with old friends, making new friends, and building a healthier family life.

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