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Lourdeshouse Maternity Services

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a frightening and lonely experience.

Lourdeshouse, located in Harrisburg, is the only facility that provides specialized, comprehensive maternity care and residential services to women in need in South Central Pennsylvania.

The 16-bedroom facility houses up to 16 residents at a time. Our clients are typically single women who have no family support, including homeless women or women coming out prison.

The program closely monitors medical care and nutrition to ensure a healthy mother and child. Through counseling and case work services, women are helped through pregnancy and learn how to care for their family.

Women can stay at Lourdeshouse throughout the term of their pregnancy and up to six months after the birth. Mothers and infants continue to receive support through the baby’s first year.

Lourdeshouse is part of the Pennsylvania “Real Alternatives” program. This initiative provides alternatives to women considering abortion by offering counseling and support services.

Program Services

  • Housing
  • Intensive case management to address barriers to self-sufficiency
  • Childbirth education
  • Parenting classes
  • Hot, nutritious meals provided on site
  • Access to other Catholic Charities services such as free, licensed outpatient counseling and adoption services for those unable to care for their babies
  • Transportation to pre-natal and post-delivery medical appointments
  • Aftercare
  • Pantry items for people in the community with children twelve months or younger

What is the cost? 

Services at Lourdeshouse are offered at no charge to the client.


Benita is a single, 18 year old female that came to Lourdeshouse because she had no where else to go. Her mother asked her to leave when she learned of the pregnancy. Benita then moved in with her boyfriend and his sister, but was asked to leave before the baby was born.

Benita moved into Lourdeshouse with plans to enroll into school to obtain her GED, to find employment, as well as housing. She attended all prenatal appointments and parenting / childbirth classes. She signed up for GED classes. Benita delivered a healthy baby girl.

Benita wrote “Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed being at Lourdeshouse Maternity Home. I’ve come so far and I’m still making it day by day. Currently, I work and go to school during the week and my weekends are spent with my daughter. We go to the playground and I read to her. You know the little things make me happy. I’m being the woman I’ve always supposed - Independent.”

- Anonymous
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