Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Catholic Charities offers professional family and individual counseling in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Abbottstown. All four offices provide these services:

  • Counseling in a wide spectrum of problem areas – mental health, child rearing, pregnancy, adoption, depression, anxiety, physical and marital abuse and other related problems
  • Referral to other services in the surrounding community
  • Coordination with Catholic Charities services such as adoption, maternity care or other programs
  • Depending on local needs, offices may provide additional services, including group therapy or participation in coalitions and task forces
  • Bi-lingual Spanish counseling (in Lancaster only)

What is the cost?

All counseling services are based on a sliding fee schedule. Each case is determined individually. No one is denied service based on inability to pay.

Who is eligible?

Any individual or family is eligible for counseling services. Services are offered without regard to race, religion, gender, age, condition or ability to pay.


A young adult feels stuck in her life. She was working part time with a temporary employment agency and had a troubled relationship with her parents. She felt depressed and agitated and sought counseling services.

With the help of an empathetic and supportive therapist, she opened up about her family situation. Dad was an active alcoholic and her mother had physically and emotionally abused her during childhood. She soon revealed she was raped as a teenager by a family friend and struggled with feelings of self-worth, abandonment and confusion about “who to love”.

It was not an easy journey, but she began to process the events of trauma and accepting the reasons for her anger. She developed methods for dealing with flashback and focused on understanding how to manage her reactions and responses to daily stressors. She developed skills in moderating her feelings, mindfulness and how to create a nurturing lifestyle for herself. Ultimately, she achieved her dream, expressed at her first therapy session – moving to Florida and acceptance into a nursing school.

- anonymous
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