Considering Adoption For Your Baby

I’m Pregnant. What Can I Do?

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, you have difficult decisions ahead that will affect you, your family, friends, the baby’s father and the child. During this confusing time, rushing into a decision can cause even more heartache. You owe it to yourself and your baby to consider all your options and decide what’s best for everyone.

Catholic Charities counselors will support you and guide you as you learn about your options. These free, confidential counseling sessions let you discuss your unique situation with a qualified, caring counselor. And if you need a place to live while pregnant, Catholic Charities can help.

Making an adoption plan

Adoption is not an easy way out of a crisis pregnancy. Even when a mother decides that adoption is best, it’s still painful to say goodbye. Unselfish love lets a birth mother give her child the things she cannot provide herself. Adoption is a gift of love.

Catholic Charities offers step-by-step guidance in developing an adoption plan. You can make the plan fit your needs and your desires for your child. Your counselor will travel to your home or other convenient location if you don’t have transportation.

Let us help

Catholic Charities Adoption Services provides qualified, caring support throughout pregnancy, delivery, placement, legal procedures, post-placement and other services. If you would like to learn more, give us a call. Your call is completely confidential and there is no obligation.

Meet Couples Waiting to Adopt


Catholic Charities Adoption Program not only provides domestic infant adoption and Special Needs adoption services, but it also helps adoptees and their birth families to connect with one other through Search services. Nearly 50 years ago, Tina was an accomplished athlete who found herself pregnant while pursuing an advanced degree. With housing and supportive services from Catholic Charities, Tina made the difficult decision to place her daughter for adoption. Following the adoption, Tina pursued her career as an athlete, coach, and business administrator. While she was confident that she had made the right decision, Tina constantly thought about the daughter she had placed for adoption and wondered about her well-being. She eventually made attempts to find her daughter through various sources and by updating her online information in the event that her only child might someday want to meet her. After several years, Tina had come to the conclusion that meeting her daughter was just not meant to be.
This past year, Tina’s daughter, Beth, contacted Catholic Charities with a request for information about her birth parents. After talking with Beth and encouraging her to pursue the search, Catholic Charities was able to connect Beth with her birth mother. The two later traveled to meet each other, and Tina was given the opportunity to meet Beth’s husband and daughters. Tina was thrilled to learn that she was a grandmother, but she was most happy to hear that her daughter had loving adoptive parents who had given her a good life. Tina later wrote to Catholic Charities that “I think someone did a lot of praying and the prayers were answered.”

- Anonymous
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